We specialize in
Design to support native fauna.

Native plants have adapted to local environmental conditions, they require less maintenance, saving time, and a valuable natural resource, water. In addition to providing vital habitat for pollinators, birds  and many species of wildlife benefits as well.

Our services


Working with your site and budget we will create a plan just right for you. Reviewing the species you wish to bring to your garden we can pick the perfect habitat plants for all 4 seasons.


The plan could be implemented immediately with a larger output of funds or we may develop a 5 year plan with a larger output of labour. 


We work with a local landscaper to assist in getting large scale projects done.  The contractor will bill you directly (we do not take a commission on their services).

Support Pollinators

"Native plants give us a sense
of where we are in this great land of ours." 

Ladybird Johnson


Heidi's Bio

Heidi studied urban agriculture with the San Francisco League of Urban Gardeners (SLUG). Working on many community development and harm reduction garden projects.

She became interested in native plants through her love of birds and worked with the North American Native Plant Society for 3 years on various projects. Through this work she was connected with invasive plant action groups and spent many weekends tackling garlic mustard.

She coordinated the Roncyworks Green Team with 32 garden beds & volunteers. When Heidi moved to Sudbury 2 year ago she took a local park under her wing and has been working to eradicate exotic garden migrants and invasive plants. She is also working with the pollinator garden team at Wild at Heart.


Working with a fantastic group of growers across Ontario and reviewing the plants that are endemic to the region and wildlife.  We can continue to re-green Sudbury.  The seed stock brought into your garden will be transported through air and wildlife to surrounding green space. Preparing habitat gardens are a part of Sudbury's re-greening efforts.